Forensic Authorship

Forensic Authorship

Forensic Authorship

Forensic authorship analysis consists of inferring the authorship of a document by extracting and analyzing the writing styles or stylometric features from the document content.

Authorship analysis can be carried out from three different perspectives, including, authorship attribution or identification, authorship verification, and authorship profiling or characterization. 

Authorship attribution consists of determining the most likely author of a target document among a list of known individuals. 

Authorship verification consists of checking whether a target document was written or not by a specific individual. 

Authorship profiling or characterization consists of determining the characteristics (e.g. gender, age, and race) of the author of an anonymous document.


EmailVeritas uses cutting edge stylometry analysis technique to establish whether the author of an email message is genuine or fake.  This protects the receiver of the message against targeted phishing attacks (e.g. spear-phishing, whaling).