Prevent phishing attacks

Phishing attacks constantly change and adapt their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to evade available phishing fraud detection and prevention solutions. — Outsmart evolving phishing tactics with our AI and machine learning, staying one step ahead.

Google Workspace Extension

Enhance your Google Workspace with advanced phishing protection directly within your email environment.

Microsoft Outlook Extension

Secure your Outlook email by detecting and neutralizing phishing attempts with our dedicated extension.

Secure Email Gateway

Fortify your email gateway with robust phishing defenses to safeguard your entire organization's communication.

Revolutionizing Email Security.

Industry-Defining Phishing Detector

Our advanced software delivers robust protection for business emails against phishing attacks. By offering personalized anti-phishing measures, it goes beyond the 'one-size-fits-all' solutions typical of existing software. Email Veritas is uniquely designed to align with each user's specific messaging habits.

Advanced Threat Protection

Fortify your digital ecosystem with our Advanced Threat Protection, providing a formidable shield against the most sophisticated cyber threats.

Threat Intelligence

Leverage actionable insights with our Threat Intelligence, equipping you with the knowledge to anticipate and neutralize potential cyber attacks before they strike.

Advanced Threat Analysis

Delve deeper into security analytics with our Advanced Threat Analysis, utilizing cutting-edge techniques to dissect and neutralize complex cyber vulnerabilities.

Threat Mitigation

Minimize your risk landscape with our proactive Threat Mitigation strategies, ensuring continuous operational resilience against a spectrum of cyber risks.

Data Loss Prevention

Secure your sensitive information from breaches with our Data Loss Prevention system, designed to safeguard your data integrity across all platforms

How It Works.

Unveiling the Mechanics of Superior Email Defense.

Email Veritas Phishing Detector leverages cutting-edge AI, natural language processing, and stylometry analysis to detect phishing threats in real-time. Integrated with timely cyber threat intelligence, this cloud-based service efficiently identifies subtle phishing messages, providing robust protection through an intuitive, color-coded browser add-on.

Key Advantages.

Robust Security

Advanced algorithms shield against phishing and reduce the likelihood of data breaches.

Cost Efficiency

Minimizes financial impacts associated with phishing incidents and compliance penalties.

Compliance and Training

Enhances compliance with data protection laws like GDPR and HIPAA and improves security awareness through simulated phishing tests.

Peace of Mind

Continuous, real-time detection offers confidence in your organization's email security posture.

Stay Informed. Phishing Insights

Explore our latest blog posts to deepen your understanding of phishing threats and enhance your defense with our Phishing Detector.