How to Install Phishing Detector Through Microsoft Exchange

Installing the Email Veritas Phishing Detector through Microsoft Exchange allows administrators to deploy this crucial security add-in across their organization, enhancing protection against email threats. Follow this detailed guide, inspired by the instructional video available here, to deploy the Phishing Detector add-in using the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Step 1: Access the Admin Center

Log in to the Microsoft 365 admin center as an administrator. Navigate to the Admin Centers menu bar, select 'All admin centers', then choose 'Exchange'.

Step 2: Choose Add-ins

Within the Exchange admin center, look for the 'Organization' section, then click on 'Add-ins'.

Step 3: Deploy Add-ins

Click on 'Deploy Add-in' at the top of the page. Read through the general information on add-in deployment, then click 'Next'.

Step 4: Select from Store

Choose the 'Choose from the Store' option. This will direct you to the available add-ins in the Office Store.

Step 5: Search for Phishing Detector

On the 'Select Add-in' page, enter "Email Veritas" in the search box to find the Phishing Detector add-in. Once located, select the Email Veritas Phishing Detector add-in, then click 'Add' to proceed with the deployment.

Step 6: Review and Accept Terms

A dialogue box will appear with the terms and conditions for the Phishing Detector add-in. Review these terms, and if acceptable, proceed by clicking 'Continue'.

Step 7: Choose Deployment Scope

Decide who will receive the add-in by selecting one of the following options: 'Everyone', 'Specific users/groups', or 'Just me'. If selecting 'Specific users/groups', use the search box to find and select the specific users or groups.

Step 8: Deploy the Add-in

After selecting the deployment scope, click 'Deploy'. A confirmation message with a green tick will appear, indicating that the add-in has been successfully deployed. Click 'Next' to proceed.

Step 9: Announce the Add-in to Users

Follow the on-page instructions to inform your users about the new Phishing Detector add-in. This step is crucial for ensuring that users are aware of and can make full use of the new security tool.

Step 10: Confirmation

Within 24 hours of deployment, you will receive an email confirming the successful deployment of the Phishing Detector add-in. The Email Veritas add-in icon will automatically become available for all specified users in their Microsoft Outlook toolbar.

By following these steps, administrators can effectively deploy the Email Veritas Phishing Detector across their organization, significantly enhancing their email security posture against phishing and related threats.

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